Domestic American Maritime Industry Salutes Captain Phillips and Crew as Shining Examples of Brave American Mariners

WASHINGTON – The American Maritime Partnership (AMP), the national voice of the domestic American maritime industry, today saluted Captain Richard Phillips and his crew as examples of the nation’s heroic Merchant Marine, whose story of courage and survival is now a major motion picture starring Tom Hanks.


“The courage shown by Captain Phillips and his crew during their ordeal is a shining example of the braveAmerican mariners who receive the best training in the world,” said Tom Allegretti, Chairman of AMP. “American mariners continually prepare for various operational challenges and are dedicated to the highest standards of safety and security. When it comes to the world-class training of America’s Merchant Marine, Captain Phillips and his crew are the rule rather than the exception.”


Members of the United States Merchant Marine receive their rigorous training and education at institutions across the country that include the seven maritime academies for officers, training institutions operated by the major seagoing unions, and maritime training schools that offer U.S. Coast Guard-approved courses to prepare for a career as a merchant mariner. This education and training prepares the men and women of American maritime who operate the 40,000 vessels such as tugboats, towboats, container ships, tankers, and ferries that safely transport one billion tons of cargo and 100 million passengers every year.


EDITORS NOTE: Any press interested in connecting with local merchant mariners can contact Danielle Hagen at 202.365.6112 or Joe Brenckle at 202.494.1467 for additional information.