Louisiana leads country in domestic maritime industry, report shows

As reported by Renita Young in The Times Picayune, Louisiana leads the United States in domestic maritime employment; 

The most recent federal figures available show that Louisiana’s domestic maritime industry contributed more than $11.3 billion in total economic output and posted 54,850 maritime jobs as of 2011. As one of the largest industries in Louisiana behind oil and gas, and agriculture, maritime employment includes vessel operators, marine terminals, shipyards and workers engaged in the movement of cargo exclusively within the United States. Employment income related to Louisiana’s maritime industry is more than $3.54 billion annually. Louisiana is the sole state to post more than $10 billion in total gross economic output directly related to its maritime industry, according to the report.

Quoting AMP Chairman Tom Allegretti;

“Louisiana is critical to our nation’s domestic maritime industry because of its proximity to the lower Mississippi River, which connects 31 states through a critical 14,500-mile system of inland waterways. Tugboats play an important role in this vast port network, safely escorting and maneuvering large container, tanker, and bulk cargo ships in Louisiana waters, as do towboats and barges which move millions of barrels of petroleum products every month,” said Tom Allegretti, President & CEO of the American Waterways Operators and Chairman of the American Maritime Partnership.

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