On March 4, 2019, President Trump signed an executive order to help sea veterans seamlessly transition into the United States Merchant Marine.


The U. S. Coast Guard (USCG) is the regulatory agency responsible for licensing and certifying U.S. merchant mariners working aboard those vessels which require credentialed mariners.


The Jones Act is critical to the military strategy of the U.S., which relies on the use of U.S. flag ships, crews, and the availability of a shipyard industrial base to support national defense needs.

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  • “If we think about the future, if we think about what is possible, we can see a resurgence in the maritime industry and every one of its pieces. America will soon export liquified natural gas, LNG, and quite possibly crude oil. Let’s require that the export of theses national assets be done on American built ships, flying the American flag with American sailors. Consider the possibility of American shipyards building hundreds of new tankers, tens of thousands of middle class American jobs and thousands of American mariners.” John Garamendi, Former Lieutenant Governor of California, Elected to Congress in 2009

  • "Mariners in the Armed Forces have skills that can successfully translate into the civilian workforce. Military mariners just need to know about what civilian opportunities are available and how they can attain the proper certificates during their military career to successfully transition into a civilian career.” Congressman Duncan Hunter, Former Major in US Marine Corps, Elected to Congress in 2008

  • “The U.S. shipyard industrial base in Virginia is vital to America’s national and economic security. The Commonwealth leads the nation in shipbuilding with more than 63,000 jobs worth more than $5.5 billion, which is why we are so happy to welcome the Military to Maritime program to Norfolk. Connecting Virginia’s veterans with good opportunities in our thriving domestic shipbuilding and maritime industry, which can benefit from their unique skills and training, is a top priority. Veterans can play a central role in our world-class workforce and help our companies grow as part of the new Virginia economy.” Virginia Governor Terence McAuliffe