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Military to Maritime connects veterans and active military with family-wage jobs in the maritime industry.

As the voice of the domestic maritime industry, the American Maritime Partnership is dedicated to helping veterans and active military find jobs in the maritime industry. Through both nationwide career fairs and the virtual job board, maritime industry employers that support Jones Act jobs can provide family-wage positions to our veterans and active military. These positions lead to $100 billion in economic contributions annually.

America’s maritime policy is based on three time-tested requirements established in the best interests of the nation, American industry and the American workforce. Any vessel transporting goods or passengers between two points in the United States or engaging in certain activities in U.S. waters must be U.S. owned, U.S. built, and U.S. crewed.

The American maritime industry continues to have strong bipartisan support across the nation. From Capitol Hill to the White House, our nation’s leaders support the Jones Act which is essential to economic, national and homeland security. The American maritime industry is proud to support nearly 650,000 jobs around the nation and pump more than $150 billion into the U.S. economy annually.

Learn how you can transfer your skills from the military to find a perfect fit in the Jones Act industry.

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