AMP Praises Pres. Obama and Sec. Foxx’s Visit to Port of Jacksonville to Talk about Jobs & Economic Growth

WASHINGTON – The American maritime industry today praised President Barack Obama andTransportation Secretary Anthony Foxx for visiting the Port of Jacksonville, Florida, to talk about jobs and economic growth.


Thomas Allegretti, the Chairman of the American Maritime Partnership, noted that the Port of Jacksonville alone is homeport to four American-owned freight carriers.“It is good to see the President recognizes that the American maritime industry continues to play an important role in the nation’s economic future and wants to make investments in infrastructure to support that industry,” Mr. Allegretti stated.


“We look forward to working with the administration to ensure that the domestic maritime industry can continue to provide good, high paying jobs for hundreds of thousands of Americans.”


The American maritime industry in Florida supports more than 27,000 people and the Jacksonville port is an appropriate venue for the administration’s message on economic growth, as it is one of many new technology hubs where the maritime industry is transforming waterborne commerce. One major project at the Port of Jacksonville is the development of the world’s first liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered container ships. These ships will operate in the U.S. and be built, crewed, and owned by Ameicans while employing more than 250 people over the next 40 years. This innovation translates to 71 percent fewer emissions than traditional container ships and the creation of additional American jobs.