Governor Rick Perry Expresses Support For Jones Act

The presidential campaign of Texas Governor Rick Perry said in a statement the Governor supports the Jones Act because the law bolsters national, economic and homeland security.


“Rick Perry believes that America benefits from a vibrant domestic maritime industry, including vessel operators, shipyards, seafarers and mariners, on the coasts, in the Gulf, on the inland waters, and throughout the Great Lakes,” the statement said. “Gov. Perry supports the Jones Act that makes the domestic maritime industry strong, contributes to national and homeland security, and makes an important economic contribution to our nation. Governor Perry believes there are times during a national emergency when suspending the Jones Act may be in the best interest of the country, like when President George W. Bush suspended the Act after Hurricane Katrina.”


James Henry, President of the Transportation Institute and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the American Maritime Partnership, welcomed Governor Perry’s support of the Jones Act, saying the law has helped create jobs and bolster national security since it was enacted in 1920.


“We are pleased that Governor Perry supports the Jones Act and understands the law promotes job growth and helps protect our homeland,” said Henry. “Our domestic maritime industry supports nearly 500,000 American jobs and ensures ample U.S. sealift capacity to defend our nation.”


A strong domestic maritime industry is vital to promoting national, homeland and economic security. The Jones Act establishes a U.S. merchant marine of skilled seafarers and U.S.-flagged vessels essential for maintaining the flow of domestic waterborne commerce that is also capable of serving as a naval and military auxiliary in times of war or national emergency. The U.S. Navy considers the Jones Act “critical to national security” and every U.S. President of this generation has supported the maritime law.